Exclusive Chardham Yatra Guide for 2024

In north India, the well-known Chardham yatra of Uttarakhand includes four temples that are Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. Gangotri is situated on Ganga’s bank, and Yamunotri temple is on the Yamuna river in Kedarnath and Badrinath; you will visit Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

So, people from different countries visit and feel the holy atmosphere of Chardham Yatra. Further, people cover the adventurous road to reach their destination of Char Dham. 

Moreover, you need nine to 10 days to cover Char Dham, including some other pilgrimage centers nearby. Moreover, you can reach the temple with the help of different transportation from the Uttarakhand government. So let’s learn about the travel facilities available for the Char Dham yatra of Uttarakhand with an excellent ten-day itinerary below. 

How to Reach Chota Char Dham?

You will get the airways and train facilities to reach Char Dham of Uttarakhand. For this purpose, first, you need to arrive at Haridwar. So, here is the detail of the by air and train journey for the Char Dham yatra. 

By Air

The closest air station for Char Dham yatra is Dehradun airport. So, if you select the Chardham Yatra by helicopter, you will start from here. 

By Train 

You can quickly get the train to Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Dehradun and start your Char Dham Yatra by bus or private cars from these railway stations. 

Char Dham Yatra’s 10 Days Itinerary

This ten-day perfect plan for visiting Char Dham will help you cover all the places perfectly. Additionally, this yatra guide will help you see char Dham and some other famous and spiritual sites of India. Thus follow the itinerary given below. 

Day 1- Haridwar to Barkot

On day one of your Char Dham yatras, first, you reach Haridwar. This holy place is the starting point of your Char Dham yatra. Take a holy dip at Ganga and start your journey by bus or car to Barkot. You may cover a 200-kilometre road to reach this place. And stay there the first night of your Char Dham Yatra.  

Day 2- Barkot toYamunotri to Barkot

The next day you will visit the first Chardham temple, Yamunotri. After having your breakfast, reach Jankichatti. It is 6 kilometers away from Yamunotri. Thus select the horse and Doli to reach the place. By the way, you can also walk and visit Yamunotri. At Yamunotri, you see the Goddess Yamuna temple and Jamunabai Kund. After that, you will return to Jankichatti and then Barkot. Comfortably spend your night at Barkot.  

Day 3- Barkot to Gangotri

On day 3 of your Char Dham yatra, you will start your journey from Barkot to Gangotri. You will cover the distance of 210 kilometers to reach Gangotri. You see the temple of goddess Ganga and Gaumukh, the origin of the holy river Ganga. There you can feel the spirituality and stay for that day. 

Day 4- Gangotri to Uttarkashi

After that, you will start your fourth-day journey to Uttarkashi, situated at a distance of 95 kilometers from Gangotri. You can see many temples and holy places at this place, which gives you spiritual feelings.

Day 5- Uttarkashi to Sitapur

Another holy place in Uttarakhand is Sitapur. You can visit this place on the fifth day of the journey. It is 212 kilometers away from Uttarkashi. This place is a holy place, and you will feel a holy experience here.

Day 6- Sitapur to Gaurikund to Kedarnath

On the next day, you will visit the most peaceful place Kedarnath, the third temple of Chardham. You will start your journey from Sitapur to Gaurikund via bus or car about 32 Km. Then you start trekking for 14 Km to reach Kedarnath. It would help if you carried more clothes and necessary things because you will only get camp facilities near Kedarnath. You must visit the holy Temple of Lord Shiva on the sixth day of your journey.

Day 7- Kedarnath to Rudraprayag

On the 7th day, the Chardham yatra guide will help you start your journey from Kedarnath to Rudraprayag. It is 75 kilometers away from Kedarnath. This place is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The spiritual atmosphere of this place provides peace to every devotee. 

Day 8- Rudraprayag to Badrinath

From Rudraprayag, you will start your journey to the final destination of Chota Char Dham, Badrinath. Badrinath is 160 kilometers away from Rudraprayag. At Badrinath, you will see the heart-touching statue of Nar and Narayan.

Further, this holy temple is also a part of Char Dham of India. Lord Vishnu is worshiped by many devotees here. Moreover, you will feel energetic and refreshed after visiting this place. 

Day 9- Badrinath to Birhi

On the next day of visiting Badrinath, you will see the beautiful place Birhi. It is 95 kilometers away from Badrinath. 

Day 10- Birhi to Rishikesh

Then on the last day of your journey, you will visit Rishikesh, one of the holiest places in India. You will cover a distance of 160 kilometers to reach this place from Birhi. So, after reaching Rishikesh, you will see the Ganga River and take a holy dip at Rishikesh and take your flight or train to go back to your place.

Tips for Visiting Char Dham

  1. Register yourself for Char Dham Yatra first because every visitor must go through biometrics registration.
  2. Next, pack your bags with woolen clothes, comfortable dresses, shoes, an emergency medicine kit, and water bottles. 
  3. Additionally, carry some cooked foods and mosquito and sunscreen cream during your yatra. 
  4. Eat sufficient before starting your journey and make sure you are physically strong to cover trekking of 14000 ft. altitude. Therefore start physical exercises before one month of your Char Dham yatra. 
  5. You need thermal body warmers, raincoats, sleeping bags, blankets, water-proof shoes with sufficient grips, and a torch during trekking.
  6. Also, girls and women are instructed not to wear sarees during trekking. 
  7. Always hire a registered pony-walla or porter who guides you through selecting correct routes, not shortcuts.


In conclusion, this ten-day itinerary of the Chardham yatra will provide you with peace, happiness, and a holy feeling. You will visit Char Dham’s destination and many other devotional places of Uttarakhand. All these above tips are helping you to see all your Uttarakhand tourist destinations comfortably. Follow the guide for a better and more comfortable Char Dham yatra.

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